Should you Backup, Sync? Or Both?

The benefits of file sync and share systems compared to backup platforms. Which should you use to protect your company’s data?

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File Sync and Share

File sync and share platforms allow users to access data from any device, anywhere in the world that they have an internet connection.


Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and NetDocuments.


The Positives


Single location for data

Access important information from any authorized device.

Allows for easy collaboration

The Downsides:



No protection against ransomware attacks


Files can be easily misplaced with the improper version especially if multiple people are working on the same file


In the event a data recovery is needed, the time it takes to recover data can be very long resulting in downtime


Data recovery can incur charges to recover large amounts of data en-masse.

Backup Platform

A proper backup platform allows for the copying aka replication of data from one source to another or multiple other destinations. This creates redundancy, which allows you to ensure the preservation of your data in the event that accidental deletion or ransomware occurs.






The Positives


Can run automatically. Removes the chance of forgetting to backup.

Users do not require special training for the system to work.

Backup platform retains version history of files to recover files at different points in time

A cloud backup system does not require on-premise equipment to be purchased or maintained

The Downsides:



Not meant to be used as a collaboration platform.


An effective backup system needs to be managed to ensure functionality and the successful backup of data.

The Conclusion

Should your business use a backup system or a sync and share system? The answer is most of the time, both!


  • Your company ALWAYS needs a backup platform in place.
    • A proper backup system is non-negotiable for modern companies.
    • A backup system will protect against all of these items: Employee espionage, ransomware, accidental file deletion, recovering previous versions of a file.
  • A sync and share platform can be used to help when collaboration is needed.

A sync and share platform should NEVER be used standalone and does not replace a full backup system. 

Regardless of what backup platform you choose, you want to make sure these criteria are met:

  1.  Automatic backup
  2. Successful backup verification notifications
  3. Redundancy- Data needs to be replicated in multiple locations
  4. Free or inexpensive data recovery
  5. Connects to file sync and share platform to backup files, folder structure, and permissions.


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