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Paragon Tech is a concept of constant evolution. Never a finished product, we are constantly redefining what was possible the previous day. We are driven by the opportunity to uncover new problems and ask new questions that enable us to discover new ways to overcome them.

We apply this to technology, which should never get in the way. It should be a natural extension, seemingly giving its users superpowers to do what was previously impossible and to make business more personal, rewarding, and profitable.

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Our Mission

We believe technology should enable you and your team to accomplish more in less time, and ultimately increase your revenue. We have 1 guiding principal. “Simplify”. If your technology does not decrease the amount of time you need to interact with it, then it is working against you.
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Embracing Technology

From our invoices to our scheduling. We are a tech company who focuses on leveraging technology internally in order to ensure that the solutions we offer are intuitive, efficient and helpful. If we wouldn’t use it, we wouldn’t expect you to!

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Our Values

Our vision is to bring forth a world where wasted time, missed deadlines, and terror-inducing manual processes are no-more. This results in a more satisfying, highly personal client experience and of course, more time to focus on billable activities. 100% of our innovation is focused on bringing this to fruition.

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Trusted & Licensed

We are a local business who helps local businesses. Through our active community involvement, we have flourished and continue to grow year after year. Join our network!

Our Founder

Jay McAllister

Business and technology are fascinating and getting both of those right are highly rewarding and critical to the growth and longevity of a business. Fully embracing being a product of the instant-gratification era, he has mastered the art of FAST.

He leads the charge to uncover boundaries and ask “why?”. All too often, highly educated individuals spend time optimizing systems that are later found to be completely unnecessary.

His approach is simple. SIMPLICITY. With this guiding principle, Paragon Tech solves operational challenges and transforms companies into highly efficient organizations that leverage technology to do more with less. 


Paragon Tech is There When you Need Us

Our mission is to improve your efficiency and eliminate wasted time. Give us a call or leave us a message to find out how we can help you reduce waste and increase profitability.

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